Peruvian Blonde Hot Chocolate 35%

We only use the finest Peruvian organic cocoa butter to give this hot chocolate a luxurious flavour. The cocoa is firstly stone-ground with toasted milk powder. This gives the chocolate a rich, caramelised flavour which is then paired with Cornish sea salt. The Southern sea salt counters the sweetness of our chocolate to give the perfect balance.


Ingredients: organic Peruvian cocoa butter (35%), whole milk powder (32%), unrefined golden cane sugar (31%), Cornish sea salt (1%), sunflower lecithin (1%)

The only allergen we use is dairy, but we cannot 100% guarantee that the bar has not come into contact with other allergens.

Weight: 175g

Serving Instructions (make it your own!)

1) Add 25g of chocolate nuggets to 200ml of milk, put over medium heat and bring to boil while whisking

2) If you want it a little lighter use 250ml of milk

3) If you want a thick Italian style hot chocolate, use 150ml of milk *for a sweeter beverage, add a teaspoon of sugar.

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