Five 80g Bars (Pick and Mix)

Indulge in a selection of our bars for less with our pick and mix selection of five bars.

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Individual Bar Details

Peruvian Blonde Chocolate 35%
We only use the finest Peruvian organic cocoa butter to give this bar the perfect texture. The cocoa is firstly stone-ground with toasted milk powder. This gives the chocolate a rich, caramelised flavour which is then paired with Cornish sea salt. The Southern sea salt counters the sweetness of our chocolate to give the perfect balance.

Peruvian Mocha Chocolate 40%
Cocoa trees grow wild and naturally in the Peruvian amazon. The beans are then paired with Peruvian coffee beans that naturally have a chocolatey flavour. The coffee beans are deep roasted to give a lovely expressive flavour to this mocha chocolate. We also make this bar with full cream Irish milk to give it a luxurious flavour and texture.

Peruvian Dark Milk Chocolate 50%
Cocoa trees grow wild and naturally in the Peruvian amazon. These beans have a strong chocolate flavour and sweet acidity, predominantly citrus fruits, mangos and plumes. This bar gives long-lasting chocolate notes. The chocolate is made with full cream from Irish milk and unrefined sugar, which gives a rich but sweet finish.

Ugandan Dark Chocolate 68%
Our darkest bar for the true chocolate connoisseur in you. With beans from the region of Bundibugyo in Uganda, this bar has a warm, well-rounded and powerful chocolate body with slight mellow fruit notes, followed by biscuit and hazelnut undertones. Ends with a clean woody finish to savour.

Guatemala Cahabón Dark Chocolate 60%
The cocoa beans used in this bar come from small-farmer cooperatives located in Baja and Alta Verapaz, in the North of Guatemala. They have rich notes of red fruit (ripe cherries, blackberries), chocolate and a subtle hint of cream and cardamom. A great balance of dark, intense chocolate and natural sweetness.

Peruvian Raspberry Pink Chocolate 35%
Beautiful freeze dried raspberries blended perfectly with natural Peruvian cocoa butter, with its subtle chocolatey notes. The raspberries give the chocolate a natural pink colour and true flavours; with no flavourings or colourings added.

Peruvian Orange and Cardamom Chocolate 55%
Dried orange zest and cardamom seeds are grinded into organic Peruvian cocoa butter. This pairs perfectly with Peruvian cocoa nibs from the Peruvian Amazon, which add natural citrus notes to the bean. More milk than sugar gives a balanced note to sweet milk chocolate. Perfect at the end of a meal.

Only orange zest is packed on premises that handles nuts (including peanuts), seeds, cereals, soya & products containing gluten.






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