Cocoa Husk and Assam Tea (vegan)

This tea blends the natural fruity notes of the cocoa husks and the deep, earthy, malty notes of the assam tea. This gives the perfect combination of sweet and warm tea notes.

At Barbers we believe in making the most of nature; this tea is made with the husks from the cocoa beans we use in our chocolate.

Made from wood pulp and plastic free, our Natureflex bags retain freshness whilst being 100% biodegradable. Our tea products and packaging are both recyclable and biodegradable. Enjoy guilt-free or go the extra mile and grow a plant from this box!

Great for iced tea & cocktails! Free Recipes Inside Tube.

The only allergen we use is dairy, but we cannot 100% guarantee that the bar has not come into contact with other allergens.

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