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About Us

Our philosophy at Barbers Bean To Bar is forward thinking to help save the planet. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Our bags are made of wood tree sap – they completely biodegrade. Our tubes are made of 80% recyclable material and are 100% biodegradable, and best of all, pick our beans from organic, fairtrade farms.

Our Cocoa Products

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Our Chocolate

We feel that cocoa beans should do all the talking in the chocolate, so we lightly roast our beans to preserve the natural goodness in the bean. This gives our chocolate a lovely fruitiness that you don’t get with other chocolate bars. We use whole milk powder and golden cane sugar to give our chocolate a rich creaminess that melts in the mouth…

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Our Tea

We blend our tea with a mixture of whole beans, cocoa husks, black tea and herbs to make a refreshing brewed drink that is just is good for you as the planet: none of the bean is wasted. Our bags are made of wood tree sap – they completely biodegrade

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How We Started

Have a look at an overview of our cocoa journey to making sustainable sweet treats for everyone!

Michael started culinary career in Birmingham

working in a Soho inspired bakery

Michael was enrolled at UCB Birmingham

studying Culinary Arts for over three years

expanding his knowledge of flavour and ingredients

Michael Won many Awards

food, particularly chocolate!

what's not to like?

Michael travelled to Devon

to set up and start a new adventure

making cocoa products

The rest is history!

Now we create artisan chocolate and tea!

and we love it...

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